Praise the Lord!

We just got the news that Kevin’s PET/CT scan came back clear!  Yesterday was a particularly rough day and I didn’t even have the chance to post about it.  It was his birthday, and I had spent the night before up with abdominal pains.  By the morning they were bad enough that we needed to go in to the ER.  After the babysitter came (thanks again Tanisha!) we headed to Emory Midtown Hospital, since his PET/CT scans were scheduled for there at 12:45.  We hoped I’d be through the ER by then, but just in case, we wanted to be in the right building.  Turns out they couldn’t find the cause of my pain, and 5 hours later I was discharged.  This was too late for me to go with Kevin to his scan and pray with him beforehand (he had to leave while I was having an ultrasound test done on my gallbladder and appendix).  I was waiting for him when he got out, and we drove home, hungry, exhausted, and me still in pain, albeit not as bad.  It was such a rough day, we honestly didn’t have a minute to really think and worry about his scan.  Maybe that was God’s plan, who knows.  The gravity of it all only hit us after we got home.  We tried not to think about it for the rest of the night and this morning.

So after such a rough day, which was the tail end (hopefully) of many many rough days we’ve been having, to get such amazing news is nothing short of a miracle!  Praise the Lord for His miraculous healing!  You see, we had found out that this melanoma seemed particularly aggressive, and since we’d heard it had spread to one of his lymph nodes, we were definitely getting scared.  This truly is an amazing miracle from God!

I got a video baby monitor in the mail today (I feel so yuppy!) because the kids are on the other end of the house and a different story than we are.  I had set it up before naptime, and this thing is sweet!  Anyway, naptime is over, and the kiddos just woke up minutes after I’d received the news.  They must have already heard, because they’re laughing and giggling up a storm!  I just love it!

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3 thoughts on “Praise the Lord!

  1. I hope they find the problem with your stomach. Keep me posted. Love the video!! They are the most precious kids I know and I’m proud to be their Grandma 🙂

  2. Your two little ones are a gift from God and good reason to fight thishorrible cancer. Have you thought of “medical marijuana”. I have readan heard it is vey beneficial for cancer treatment.Love, Irene

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