Thank You!

Thank you so much for your donation!  Please know that every little bit helps, and that all of your support will go towards ongoing medical costs (insurance deductibles, parking fees, childcare for doctor’s appointments, prescriptions, etc.)  We are so grateful for your continued support and care for our family.


5 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. We wish so much that we could be there to help you physically and emotionally. We were talking the other day about some of the fun times you and Brad shared and especially when you guys built the storage shed in our back yard that we still use! We think of you guys constantly and you are named in our prayers daily. Thanks for keeping us posted and like you are trying to do- enjoy the blessings of each day. Give those darling little ones hugs and kisses for us. , Love Bruce and Debbi

    • Thank you so much Debbi! It really means a lot. I have found old pictures from when Bruce was Kevin’s t-ball coach, and he has such fond memories of growing up around you guys. So glad we can all still be a little part of each other’s lives through the magic of the interwebs!

  2. God Bless you. I am praying and sent what I am able to afford right now. Small as it is am asking God to bless it a million fold back to you ..May God supply ALL Your needs to overflowing. With God ALL things are possible. Love in Christ Momma Joyce

  3. I’ve never met you, but following your journey on the world wide web and since you’re second family to the Vornbrocks…man, I care about you and your family. Know that the way you’ve held onto to God’s hand as He walks your through this jungle/desert/storm has challenged me…. Reading your blog I think…. “DANG, this girl is honest”… “Shoot she says it how it is, no fluff”… I LOVE THAT. I ask myself ‘How the heck would I respond? Could I joke at that? Would I want to share something personal like that? Is it our business?’ It’s almost like we got to peak into your journal….. I should have started grabbing Kleenex boxes BEFORE reading your last couple of entries especially…

    Christ must delight in your open heart. I bet it brings unspeakable joy to the Father the way you hang stuff on your sleeve. You are vulnerable with those of us you haven’t even met. Too often I want to look like I “have it all together”… Too often I want to control things and plan things just perfectly…. I waste so much emotion on not just the small stuff, but the short stuff. The stuff that doesn’t really matter and has no eternal value.

    Thank you for being a Titus 2 woman, your loyalty and strength as a wife and mom is incredibly encouraging and challenging. I know the LORD is going to continue to use you and your family mightily for HIS purposes. Keep looking up. You are loved.

    Sending you love and support from cold Iowa. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Under His Mercy,

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