The View From My Front Porch

We spent the weekend pretty much hanging out at home, and if it weren’t for the fact that my love spent most of it in bed upstairs, struggling with cancer treatment side effects, I would have called it a perfect weekend!

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I love our house and I love our neighborhood, and I love nothing better to just hang out.  The weather was perfect, low 70s with a light breeze.  Since the pollen count had finally come down enough, we spent most of our time enjoying that weather, relaxing on the front porch.  I cannot tell you how much I love this gigantic front porch of ours.  This is part of the joy of buying a hundred year old house… huge front porches.

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My dad built this awesome picnic table for us at one end, and we eat most of our meals out there.

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I love this little clip-on chair I got for Evie at the South Atlanta Marketplace for just six dollars!  It was originally covered in an 80s navy and country blue plaid, but I re-covered it using some fabric from a painter’s drop cloth and a staple gun!  Even I am pleasantly surprised at my efforts at being crafty.  It definitely gets a ton of use, and is now a little easier on the eyes!

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On the other end of the porch, my dad hung a swing that he and my mom gave to us.  I still want to sand and paint it, and I’d like to add a nice outdoor rug to ground the sitting area, but other than that, this is what our porch looks like most days.

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My dad installed an awesome baby gate along the front steps, so the kids can really have a little freedom to explore, but of course Jude has figured out how to open it, and chose to spend lot’s of time “gardening” in the front yard this weekend.

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We don’t have any plants there yet, but Jude is enjoying “preparing” the soil for us.

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Evie decided she would get in on the action too.  She turned 15 months on April 1st, and just really started walking last week.  She was a little late, but boy is she making up for lost time now.  I’m pretty sure she’s going to be full on running by the end of the month.

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This is the view down our street to the West… Someday I’d love it if the city decided to come fix this sidewalk… ah the joys of living in an under-resourced neighborhood.

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And here is the view to the East

RSH 9498

Jude decided he wanted to explore the overgrown front yard of the vacant house next door, and Grammy Lila taught him how to blow dandelion seeds

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RSH 9350

Showing sister the “pretty flowers” that he found… Oh, I love the bond these two have!

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Daddy felt well enough to hang out with us a little Saturday evening.  There’s nothing photographically so great about this next picture, but I just love the story that it tells… the kids are so happy to be hanging out with their Daddy, and I love how little Evie is marching her way over to sit in Mommy’s lap.

RSH 9499

Kevin caught some pictures of me being silly with the kiddos… I’m always behind the camera, so it was nice to have some with me in them!

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RSH 9501

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I am oh so incredibly grateful that we have been able to have Lila out here for this time.  She’s truly just been running the house and showering the kids with attention, and they just love it.  I so love that they have been adopted into her family as the grandbabies!


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4 thoughts on “The View From My Front Porch

  1. Midst all of the pain and suffering there is the joy of this beautiful
    family – including Lila of course! You are so fortunate to have her.
    Love, Irene

  2. You captured tender moments I felt them! If it weren’t for the pain and suffering it would be perfect…you are Blessed to have great family & friends…specially Lila!

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