We’re Still Here… Quiet Weekend

I know that the big deal is that KEVIN has cancer.  The crazy thing, is that he’s constantly comforting ME, telling me that everything’s going to be okay.  That even if it’s not, that he’s going to make sure it’s going to be okay for me and the kids.  That man is truly my hero.  I remember when my Uncle Paul, with whom I was incredibly close, passed away suddenly, I didn’t feel like anything was real.  I told Kevin I needed him to go with me on a walk to Starbucks, right then, and I didn’t know why.  On the walk, I realized, that I needed to be able to see that the world is still here, people are still driving around, ordering double mocha no whip frappuccinos.  I needed something to tell me that this was real.  This was real AND I was still here.  Saturday was a good day.  I had gotten Kevin home from the hospital on Friday, and I woke up Saturday morning with him next to me.  He was still here and so was I.

RSH 7011

Kevin got up and took the dog out. Like regular people.

Our Aunts were downstairs getting the kids up and ready for the day, sweeping, mopping, baking, doing the things they do best to help when words are meaningless.  I made my traditional Saturday morning casseroles (come over ANY Saturday and I’ll feed you well with fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, and breakfast casserole).

My sister Sarah and her family came over.  The kids all played together, pushed and shoved each other, stole food off each other’s plates (that was Evie doing the stealing) and just ran around being little kids.  We’re still here.

A short while later, my parents showed up, armed with tools and leaf blowers to do some fixing upping around the house and some yard work.  After breakfast, the Aunties got started on the leaf blowing and raking and compost pile making (Crystal and Becky, please come inspect my brand new compost pile and tell me if it’s up to snuff!).

My dad and brother in law made some repairs to the back deck and repaired the piece of fence that had come down when a tree from the vacant house next door fell through it two days after we closed on our house.

IMG 0756

Oh, I didn't mention that?

See, I’ve been trying to refrain from counting our sorrows and challenges, of which there have truly been a comical amount the past two months, and instead focus on counting our blessings, of which there are an even more amazing amount.  Anyway, they repaired the fence, secured the yard so it is (hopefully) puppy proof and my poor little dog can get a little more run around time outside, since we haven’t exactly been up to daily walks with him these days.  So now we have a usable backyard, just like normal people, with a day spent working around the yard, like normal people do right after they move into a new house.  We’re still here.

No matter Kevin spent most of it upstairs sleeping off his surgery and watching netflix.  We’re here and life is happening.  Kevin lived off of the most delicious chicken soup ever courtesy of amazing neighbors Tim and Becky.  They each have so much cool stuff going on in their lives, but still find time to care for us and feed us well.  Again, we are still here.  Kevin came down to join us and to drink more of the amazing chicken soup that Tim and Becky brought over (“Just for Kevin for his recovery”)

RSH 7157

He's gone through the soup, so bring more please Tim!

My sister helped me clean out and organize the refrigerator and freezer that so badly needed it and hadn’t even been looked at since we moved in.  Things were falling out on people’s heads and I was in fear of litigation!  Honestly, it was just so nice to be doing real things that real regular people do when they’ve just moved into a house.  A reminder that we’re still here, and that we just might make it through this.  Like regular people.

2 thoughts on “We’re Still Here… Quiet Weekend

  1. This was such a blessing to read! You are extremely blessed to have family and friends help put your home all together. Both you and Kevin give so much of yourselves to other people and I’m so glad that the generosity is returned. This is living life! And I sure miss being there!!

  2. Dear Rachel:
    Your writing is inspirational. I hope you save all of your writings for others
    who need you now and in the future. For now I trust we can somehow be there
    for you and Kevin during this painful time. I belong to a “prayer line” which is
    “international” via email. I have found this to be a tremendous spiritual help
    and therefore have placed you, Kevin and your two little ones on the prayer line.
    Know we are with you in spirit and in hope.
    Love you, Irene

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