Austin Powers

We lay Jude down to sleep (on his back, thank you very much) with his head at one end of the crib and his feet at the other.  Somehow he always seems to end up looking like this.  It reminds us of that scene in Austin Powers where Austin gets his golf cart stuck in the hallway…  What do you think?


Jude meets Matt the Electrician

On a recent visit up north to see Grantie B, Jude had the opportunity to finally meet his favorite musician, Matt the Electrician.  Kevin’s cousin Kathy is married to Matt and his music is what soothe’s Jude on the open road.  Seriously folks, Jude will be screaming like there’s no tomorrow, and I’ll tune the old ipod to Matt’s newest CD Animal Boy and as soon as he hears the first few notes of the first song, he’s instantly calm.  Lately, it’s been Jude’s favorite album to listen to when he’s winding down in his crib before naptime as well.  Seriously, it’s an awesome album, his best yet, and I encourage everyone to be like Jude and go out and buy it right away!  You can buy it here or here! Yay!