What’s been going on around here?

It’s been oh so long since I’ve posted regularly to this blog, and I’m hoping that that will change with the new system we have.  So, no promises, but hopefully this will be the first of many more frequent posts.

We have lot’s of exciting news to share with everyone.  First of all, we are having another one of these!

We are expecting a baby girl on or around January 14th!  I am about 20 weeks along right now, so I keep telling myself, halfway there and I never have to do this again!  I love being a mom.  I do NOT love being pregnant.  Kevin promises me we’ll never have to do this again if I can make it through, so I keep the countdown going.  I know some women just LOVED being pregnant.  I think that they are either A: lying, B: mentally unstable, or C: on crack.  For me, pregnancy has been filled with aches and pains, nausea, horrible back pain, fatigue, and headaches.  But it was totally worth it in the end, so we signed up for another round.  Like I said, only 20 weeks to go!


Our second bit of news is that we are moving to Atlanta, GA in less than one week!  I can’t believe how fast this past month has flown by.  After lot’s of prayer and soul searching, Kevin and I decided that moving to Atlanta was the best choice for our family.  We will be close to my parents as well as my twin sister and her husband and kids.  Jude will get to know his grandparents and grow up with his cousins.  In addition, the cost of living is so much less that we won’t have to keep considering selling our kidneys to buy a house.  We are nervous and excited but also sad to be leaving so many friends and family in L.A.  I plan on continuing my photography once I’m finished with the ordeal called pregnancy, and so will continue to fly back to shoot my L.A. clients.  This will hopefully give us a (tax deductible!) way to keep up with our Cali friends.  But until we meet again, we will miss you all so much!

Stay tuned for updates from the road.  We head East Tuesday August 31st!

new look, more updates coming!

Sorry folks sorry for the long delays in posting. We switched from WordPress to Posterous for this blog platform because it will be MUCH simpler for us. We can now focus solely on posting Jude’s adventures and not worry about formatting and technical aspects of the blog!  Updates will be more regular now we promise!  Note: If you are seeing this in your email , you do not need to change anything you will continue to receive updates on the new system.