Hitting the road…

Well, we are officially on our way out of Los Angeles.  We’ve been staying at our friend Paul and Lila’s house since Saturday because our furniture was all packed up.  Sunday we said goodbye to friends at church and Monday we got the cars packed up and the apartment cleaned out the rest of the way.  We were so exhausted by Monday night, that we decided not to hit the road Tuesday morning, but instead to head over to the hotel in Hermosa Beach where we spent our wedding night and have a relaxing time at The Beach House to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary (September 18).  I’m so glad we made that decision!  Such a nice way to say goodbye to California, don’t you think?

You may be wondering where the little Judester is amidst all of this chaos.  Well, here’s the basic plan.  Jude is staying with Lila and Paul while we drive both cars cross country (our furniture is being shipped in a moving pod).  Lila is going to fly with Jude to Atlanta on Saturday and stay with us until Tuesday.  Hopefully we will make it to Atlanta by Saturday, but it is possible we won’t because I’m pregnant and can’t do these marathon days of driving.  So we will take our time and get as far as we can each day.  We will be staying with my parents in Atlanta at first, so they will pick up Jude and Lila if we are not there in time.
We took a step of faith by deciding to move without Kevin having a full time job in Atlanta yet, but we really feel called to move there at this time, so we made preparations as best we could that wouldn’t sink us financially.  We will be living with my parents at least until Kevin finds full time work, and in addition, Kevin will be continuing his current position in a part-time capacity working remotely.  Once again, I have to say that I love the 21st century.  How cool is it that he can do his job from the other side of the country!

My parents and sister and her family all live in Atlanta.  They are all very excited about us moving out as are well.  I’m so glad that Jude is going to grow up knowing his grandparents (something I never was able to do) and knowing his cousins.  I have a niece and nephew and Jude and our daughter will be very close in age to them.  Mom and Dad have been making lot’s of preparations getting their house ready for us, and we are so grateful and excited to see the lovely play room they’ve set up for Jude.  They have a huge back yard and a very sweet dog named Moe, so Jude will be in heaven.  Los Angeles, we will miss you (sometimes); Atlanta, here we come.