Evie Status

With heavy hearts, Rachel and I came home from the hospital last night without Evie.  Our last report was that we could pick her up this morning, but not so fast.  As you veteran parents already know, if a baby has Jaundice, they want her Billirubin levels to come down before they will release her.  So they’re putting her on a “Billi Bed” for 24 hours, before they will release her.  We know that this is very common, and that she is doing very well, but still we were hoping for today.  Rachel will be delivering breastmilk to her throughtout the day today and hopefully we can bring her home tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone for their love and support! 

Good news is even better news!

We were treated to a wonderful surprise when we came down to see Evie this morning.  She’d had a bath and they’d removed her oxygen tubes.  They’d even dressed her in a pink onesie!  Such a little cutie pie!  We tried nursing, but after all that excitement, she was just too tired and more interested in sleeping than eating.  For now, they are continuing to bottle feed and are weaning her off the IV.  We will try to nurse again at the next feeding.  The doc said if all continues to go well, she may be discharged tomorrow!  Of course, we are sad that we will have to leave tonight without her, but we’ll consider it one last night to get a good night’s sleep and get ready to hopefully pick her up in the morning.


And Sarah, yes, she has lovely blonde “tips” on her hair, just like Lauren’s!

No news is good news!

Evie had a good day today steadily improving in the NICU.  They’re weaning her off the oxygen slowly, and Rachel is starting to feed her (very tiny amounts so far), so that’s a good sign.  At this point we estimate 1-2 more days in the NICU until we get to bring her home.  Jude hasn’t been able to meet her yet because the rule is 4 yrs. old and up is allowed in there.  He still has no idea what’s about to hit him!  ~K