Back to Cancer Camp for Round 2

Hi friends,

I have a bunch of drafts of blog posts to share with you, but I keep starting something and then not finishing it!  Hmmm… sound familiar?

Anyway, just a very quick update for now.  Yesterday we checked back in to Emory for round two of Interleukin.  He will go for as many doses as he can (max of 12) this week, and then we will be off for two weeks of recovery.  Sometime during the week of the 20th of August, he will have scans to determine if the IL-2 has made any progress on eradicating the cancer.  We are going to assume that it will have.  Then he will go back in August 27th for round 3 and September 17 for round 4.

So far Kevin has made it through three doses this week, and it’s already been much rougher on him than last time.  However, he has had no chills or rigors thus far!  I am incredibly grateful for that because it is especially scary for me when it happens.  He has had a lot of itchy skin, some nausea, and just general fatigue.  He also says he feels pretty achey and so has been trying to just sleep through a lot of this.

We did meet our goals today though, and he just has one more dose to check off before he calls it a day!  I’m proud of him for taking a shower and walking some laps today, these are no small feats when he feels so crappy.

On Sunday night we had a time of prayer and fellowship at our house and it was especially encouraging.  I am constantly grateful for our house.  I know it may sound silly, but I truly believe that God picked that house out just for us.  One thing it has enabled us to do is entertain large amounts of people easily.  Several friends came over with their children and they enjoyed some wonderful summer stew made by my sister and brother in law.  My neighbor Maiya made the most delicious cornbread and she also kept watch over all the children in the playroom and the guest bedroom where we put on a movie.

This meant that many of our friends who otherwise might not have been able to join us were able to participate in dinner and the the prayer time.  The space is just really well laid out for things like this, and it was an easy event with no need for preparation on my part.  Having lived in high rent, small apartments for most of our married life, both Kevin and I know that this house, its size, and its layout are a really big gift and we are incredibly grateful for it.

That said, we are also so grateful for all of the families that filled it up Sunday night.  It was an emotional event, but incredibly encouraging for both Kevin and me.  I had not really been in the best place last week, and now I am filled with hope and joy as we push through this next week.

Please pray for:

  • Encouragement and strength for Kevin
  • Rest for me as I rarely sleep well at the hospital
  • Continued peace for my children as they are just doing so wonderfully with Lila and Paul, and I hope their spirits continue in that manner
  • TOTAL healing of Kevin’s body from this cancer


8 thoughts on “Back to Cancer Camp for Round 2

  1. Lifting you both up to our great Physician. And remembering to praise him even in all our uncertain circumstances!! Peace be with you both!

  2. Hope for Kevin that he continues walking his “laps”. I remember going to his
    “track meets” ( if that is the correct term) – when he was in high school – he sure
    could run. He has the same legs now as he had then – so keep on trucking!
    Jimmy (age 86) walks a mile three times a week – he ran track also in high shool.
    Jim and Dolly have a fitness center they go to. I went with Jim a couple of times and found it an inspiration to see all those seniors doing their exercises – walking, tred mill etc… How many miles do you walk a week Kevin?

    • That’s awesome, so encouraging! Yes, he did much better this go around with his laps. And I will pass it on to Kevin. We have a gym with an indoor track right down the street, so we can go there too if it gets too hot.

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