Back to work!


Back to work..
Well, I am officially “back to work” and I must say it’s great. What I mean by that is that I am not working full-time so that I can stay at home with Jude. It’s really important to Kevin and I that I be home to raise him, and we’ve made lot’s of sacrifices for me to be able to do that. But I still need to bring in some money to the family budget for us to make it work. So I’ve doing freelance photography, and yesterday was my first day “back”. Our friends J and Z needed me to shoot J’s headshots for a fresh look and also to get shots with their new baby S. So I brought Jude over and Z “babysat” while we shot in a bunch of great locations right around their house. It worked great except their daughter wanted to play with Jude sooo badly! I can’t wait till they’re old enough to play together. I think we’re already talking “arranged marriages”. Anyway, this was one of my favorite shots from the session, with him and his daughter. Isn’t she just a doll baby? I must say, I love my job!

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