belated Christmas post

Sorry for the delay, Jude’s had a cold and been off his game lately.  Doc says we just have to wait it out, nothing serious that would require medication, so that’s good at least. At long last here’s the Christmas (in Atlanta) pics!

Crazy Santa


Jude making a mess under the tree


On a walk


Nana and Papa graciously shipped the Radio Flyer wagon out to So. Cal. so we didn’t have to try to fly back with it!  
Nonetheless Jude was very excited to “open” a picture of it on Christmas day.


Family Pic


Mommy and Santa


Thanks to our friends Marc and Esther for loaning the Santa outfit!

Nana and Santa


My Dad was able to come out to be with us in Atlanta so we took a “3 generations” pic.


And this is only his “Atlanta-based” windfall!


He had already received lots of cool clothes from his So. Cal Fam!

Jude thanks all the fam. for their generosity this Christmas (and he expects you all to top it next year!)

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