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Hi friends!  Many of you have asked about ways that you can help our family with everything going on.  Our friends Becky and Tim have set up a care calendar for us, so that we could coordinate help with meals, folks who’d like to contribute produce for juicing, light housecleaning help/visitation (I’m going crazy at home by myself sometimes and love visitors!).

If you are in the Atlanta area and interested in helping out in this way, it’s super easy to sign up.  Just go to this link here:

The access code is: 5275.

If it asks you for the calendar code, its: 95269

We are working on other ways that folks can help out, and we’ll keep you posted here and on the blog, but for now the absolute biggest thing you can do is pray.  Thank you again for ALL of the prayers to God, kind words sent out into the universe, candles lit, everything.  It means more than you know.

And because you know I can’t post without a picture, here you go!

RSH 6891

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