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My adorable little son just cracks me up.  He is three years old and discussions with him about everything are fun and often hilarious.  Lately he’d been telling me all about his party that he was going to have.  He’d say, “When we have my party, we are going to blow bubbles and play with water and do BIG LOADER!”  (a favorite car toy of his)  I would ask him about this mysterious party and then he’d get all cagey and shy.  Then an hour later he would say, “We are going to eat yogurt and fruit and bagels at my party!” (what we were having for breakfast at that moment.)  This went on for a good part of this week and I realized that he’d been to a few parties lately, including his cousin’s birthday party and the Halloween party, and he just really wanted to have a party of his own.




So I decided to let him throw a party.  On Friday night a week ago, I emailed my church’s mom’s group, some friends and family, and messaged our neighborhood’s facebook group that Jude was throwing a party on Saturday from 4-7.  I said that it was a three year old-centric party but all were welcome to come.




On Saturday morning when Jude woke up, I told him I had a surprise for him.  He curled up in my lap in the rocker and I told him that today he was throwing a party. And that we had lot’s of work to do that morning to get ready for his party.




Kevin was sick and not able to take care of Evie while Jude and I shopped and prepared for his party.  Of course, right?!  So again I prayed, then gratefully reached out to my neighbor Dawn, who took Evie for the morning so Jude and I could have special time planning his party and Kevin could get some more rest.  I was glad that he ended up feeling well enough to at least enjoy the party.




We had a wonderful morning starting with breakfast at the bagel shop. We planned his menu and decorations then headed to the store to make his purchases.  I asked him to make lot’s of decisions like, “Do you want goldfish crackers or animal crackers?”  And he would invariably answer me, “I don’t know.  I need to think about it.”  Any of you who know my husband should be laughing right now.




So, we got his snacks and decorations purchased, which consisted of goldfish crackers, apples, grapes, carrots, AND animal crackers.  And of course milk and cookies.  Because what party would be complete without milk and cookies?




And balloons.  That was really his only request for decorations.  Balloons, and lot’s of them.  Jude helped me prep his refreshments and do some house cleaning  then he, lucky kid, took a long nap so he would be nice and refreshed for his party.  I of course, finished cleaning during naptime and really right up until his party started.  I have a philosophy though that the best way to get my house clean is to throw a party.  That way I at least have some motivation to get things done.




One of the things that Jude said to me multiple times that morning was, “What if nobody comes to my party?”  It just broke my heart to hear this little voice of insecurity coming from my son.  That’s the kind of thing that I would worry about, but a three year old?  Where does this come from?  Jude and I were both pleasantly surprised that his party turned out to be quite the neighborhood bash.









6 thoughts on “Celebrations – Jude’s Party

  1. That’s such a cute idea. I’ve never thought about letting Stella throw a party. She’s also been talking about her birthday party & wanting lots of balloons, and I keep reminding her that her birthday is in 5 more months. A really long time for a three yr old. Maybe I’ll let let her throw a party so she can get it out of her system. Love the photos of Jude & Lauren together!

    • It was AWESOME! Actually, we’d talked for a while about only doing small family birthday parties when the kids got older and had wanted to let them each throw one separate party a year. But Jude sped that idea up on his own, and it really was perfect. Low stress, no issues with behavior around presents, selfishness, etc. And we really didn’t spend any money on it outside of our regular grocery budget. Seriously, I threw some goldfish crackers in a bowl, drug out all the riding toys, set out a bucket of sidewalk chalk and put a bunch of art supplies on the picnic table and watched the kids run around a play. The BEST way to have a celebration in my opinion! We even had “clean-up” time with the kids before everyone left. The toys were all put away and the house tidied up by the time the last guest said goodbye.

  2. “On Saturday morning when Jude woke up, I told him I had a surprise for him. He curled up in my lap in the rocker and I told him that today he was throwing a party.” Rachel, why did that pull tears from my eyes. stop it.

    u caught some terrific moments. Jude makes the BEST faces. the girls had a good time. love ur soirees. keeping a running mental note. thx.

    • So glad you guys came, it was SUCH a fun time! I actually wish I’d gotten even more pictures! I hope Jude will look back and have happy memories of these times. Can’t wait to get together with you and your girls again sometime soon!

  3. A Party… what a great idea! And the idea came from a little three year old and
    his wonderful mom who listened to her little boy and gave him the support he needed to fulfill his dream. You’re a gem Rachel and are blessed with two gorgeous and sparkling little ones – looks like Evie enjoyed the party also.

    All the best, Irene

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