Dear Jude, Month Three

Dear Jude,
My beautiful baby boy, today (well yesterday actually, but I’m getting better!) you are three months old. What a milestone! You seem like such a mature, grown up little guy.


Jude looking up

I can hardly believe that you are the same little baby that we brought home from the hospital. You are rolling around on the floor, wiggling and giggling, and so much more active.


Baby gym smiles

This month, your personality has really come out, and I’m happy to say you are quite the flirt. You will smile and giggle and stick out your tongue at just about anyone around. And I know that when you stick out your tongue, it really means you like them. I’ll be sad to see the day we have to teach you that it’s not nice to stick your tongue out at people, because I love it so much!


Tongue Thing

This month you have also discovered your hands, and you love to look at them, wave them around, and also to suck on them. I love to hear you in the back seat of the car, loudly sucking away on your little fist, because this means that you have learned to self soothe and that is so empowering for you! Unlike the pacifier, wherever you go, you have yourself with you.


Uncertain Fist

Whether it’s sucking on your fist or something else when you grow older, learning that you are okay with yourself is such a great thing.


Whine with his cheese

We have started tummy time with you, because you were getting a bit of a flat head from laying around on your back so much. When we put you on your tummy you just screamed and screamed with your face jammed into the blanket.


Takin a break

Once we started propping you up on a little pillow so you could see the world around you, you were much happier and you have really strengthened those neck and back muscles little man.


Horray for mornings!

You’ve gotten so strong that you like to make faces at us while you’re “working out”. This month has just been so much fun to see you really turn into a little person with his own view of things, and I just know that you are ready to take on the world. We are so happy to have you in our lives. I love you peanut.


Grocery List


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