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The Hills anticipate significant financial challenges at this stage of the process as there are many extraneous expenses and lessened income.  Here are some of their needs:

  • Gas cards – You can purchase them for BP, Chevron and Shell which are common gas stations in their area.
  • Groceries and bills – as Rachel gets her feet under her, they will need continued/increased help bridging the gap. See below for ways to give.
  • Plane Tickets for the trips for Rachel, care givers and the children. Do you have access to buddy passes or have frequent flyer miles you would like to donate? Contact us or visit theTravel page for additional ways to help.

Ways you can donate: 

  • From Your Bank: If you wish to have a monthly payment go to them, you can set up an auto-pay from your bank to Rachel Hill and have it mailed to their address 746 Pearce Street, Atlanta, GA 30310 Or you can make a one time payment via this method.
    * No fee – all the funds go straight to the Hills.
  • From Your Credit Card: You can make an electronic (credit or debit card) donation to their PayPal account. Click the “Donate” button at the bottom of this page.
    * Donation amounts are lessened by 4% due to the small administrative fee that PayPal charges.
  • Tax Deductible: You can make a tax deductible contribution to their Helping Hands account. See below for instructions.
    * Donations are lessened due to the 8% administrative fee that Helping Hands charges. 
  • To The Children’s 529 Plans: You can make a contribution to either child’s’ 529 plan. Write the check to ScholarShare College Savings Plan. On the memo line write the name and account number of the child to whose account the money is to go to.  Mail the check to ScholarShare College Savings Plan, PO Box 55205, Boston, MA 02205-5205.
    Jude Allan Hill    #615933147
    Evelyn Lila Hill    #618377040 

Helping Hands Account – Now your donations can be tax deductible. 
NOTE: Helping Hands requires an 8% ministry grant on all donations received.  

Donate online
Donations can be made online via by selecting ‘Donate to a Helping Hands Approved Project’. Next select ‘Medical’ under the Project Category box and then scroll to the Project name (Hill, Kevin) under the second drop box.
Donate via mail:
Donations may be accepted via Master Card, Discover, Visa, American Express and checks made payable to Helping Hands Ministries with Kevin Hill Medical Project written on a note accompanying the check.  All mailed donations should be sent to Helping Hands Ministries, PO Box 337, Tallulah Falls, GA  30573. Use this form to mail your donation.


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  1. Hi Rachael you met my husband joe dioguardi in the airport the other night we are so very sorry for all you and your family have gone thru we wish you the best thoughts and prays are with you and your family I have always beloved things happen in our lives for many reasons like when joe told you about our daughter hope her my my sister is a a drug and alcohol user eventually we all find peace and it takes time god bless and may god watch over your beautiful and special family take care of your self

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