In Memoriam

The Los Angeles memorial service celebrating the life of Kevin Hill will be held on Thursday January 2nd at Village Church Burbank at 3216 W. Victory Blvd. Burbank, CA 91505 at 4:00 pm.

The Atlanta memorial service will be held on Tuesday January 21st at Trinity Anglican Church at 2270 Defoor Hills Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 at 6:00 pm.

In lieu of flowers the family requests you consider making a contribution to Jude and/or Evie’s 529 plans (college/trust fund). You can visit–money.html to see several ways to contribute to the family as well as how to contribute specifically to the children’s college funds.

Many of you have known or had experiences with Kevin (throughout his life) that Rachel would like to capture.  Therefore so she has asked that friends, family and acquaintances comment below to leave any memories, antidotes, thoughts, funny stories or remembrances of Kevin so that she and the kids may have them for posterity.

Thank you for taking the time to think through or pray about your personal note and as always thank you for your love and support.

5 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. When we were leaving for Riverside, CA Kevin took on Ed’s job @ VCS and as we were all coming together Kevin mentioned, “Looks like we are all on our way toward the next chapter of our lives.” He was so excited to work at VCS and we were both excited and sad to be leaving. Then, we came over to help you all pack for Georgia and this became yet another chapter for everyone. We became aware of the “C” word in your blog “The C Word” and have followed ever since. You all have been (and you three will remain) in our prayers. Kevin’s spirit was genuine and strong here…Now his spirit will be with you always. He’s your precious ANGEL!

  2. Kevin’s care and concern for Rachel was so evident when he would walk up to her quietly, while she was in conversation with someone else, and hand her a tiny envelope with the meds she was supposed to take (but she had forgotten to), and then give her a bottle of water to swallow them down with. They worked as a team, each caring for the other.

  3. I cannot really remember how I started following y’all. But I do feel connected. I live close you you in Sunland and went to VCS and am still close to people there. Rachel, you have touched my heart in a way that has changed so many parts of my behavior. My heart breaks for what you have been going through the last 2 years with being a wife, mother, caretaker, stronghold, manager of the home, cornerstone, comforter, deligator, nurse, researcher, accountant, travel agent, informer… I have a list a mile long of what I think you have done..and I’m sure it’s not even close. Go has used you and your blog in so many ways in so many hearts and homes. I really don’t have the word to say. Among so many others, your family has become mine. I pray for you all and race to FB to find out the latest. I praise God for holding you so tight. For giving you the wisdom and strength. For giving you the words to share with all of us. I’m praying that all our prayers find you comfort in Him who has our lives in his grasp. That you have peace. I love you and your family and I thank you for sharing with us your travels through this. Please know its not in vein. God is with us!!!

  4. Well, I have been racking my brain trying to think of one instance with Kevin to share. We had so many many laughs and “traded funny barbs” when we worked together at VCS. But when I think of Kevin and Rachel, my strongest memory is of The first time I met Rachel. She was new to Village church and came on our women’s retreat. We are randomly put into groups–now having been on the retreat committee, I know a little secret–it was not random–we would put all of the names in the center and pray over them and then divide them into groups. The Lord put Rachel in my group that weekend and I remember at first she was shy to open up, but as the weekend progressed, she asked us to pray that she would find her soul mate. She so wanted to find that person that she knew God had for her. All of us married women encouraged her and prayed for her. It was not long after, I heard she was dating Kevin! I remember thinking! Wow he was right there under our noses all along!
    Kevin was an intelligent and caring man. He was always so patient and understanding when we would call with a computer problem to fix at VCS –I will never forget his knowing smile when we would make funny inside jabs at Chuck! I feel so blessed to have been able to be able to get to know both Rachel and Kevin before they were Team Hill and even more blessed by in the midst of their fight, managed to further inspire my daughter to go for her dreams and encourage her with special introductions and a glimpse into the medical aspects of what Kevin endured. Thanks does not seem to be enough, much love and we will see you soon

  5. I only met Kevin once, but I feel like I know him through all that has been posted on the family website. God laid this family strongly on my heart and I have prayed for them everyday since I heard of their plight.
    The thing that impresses me most about Kevin is that, in this day when so many men abandon their families, Kevin worked as hard as he could to take care of his family, even when he became very ill. My impression is that the hardest thing about dying for Kevin was having to leave Rachel and the kids to journey on without him. What a testimony of a real man.

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