It’s good to be “home”

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I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find time to sit down and write a real post again!  But I’ll be honest with you, with the kids back and all the business of hospital life and family coming and going, if I’ve had a minute to breathe, I was sleeping!  For those of you following Facebook ( you already know that on Friday June 28, Kevin was moved to the ICU and given about three days to live if his liver didn’t recover.  After a week in the ICU and the Lord working many, many miracles, Kevin was stepped back down to 3 Northwest.  Oh, I’ve never been so glad to get back into that hospital room!  And to think, just a little over a week earlier, I was sobbing in that room, wanting to go home, wanting to have our kids back, wanting everything to just be “all better.”  Well, God ALWAYS answers prayers, even if it’s not the way we think they would be.

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