Jude goes out for Sushi


When I first found I was pregnant with Jude, all I was craving was sushi. This is a problem because the infamous “they” say you aren’t supposed to eat sushi. It has to do with the risks in eating raw fish, so I made do by ordering only cooked sushi. But I tell you, that first month, we must have gone out for sushi ten times! Well, all I have to say is, “It was all him!” Jude loved having sushi with our good friend Jim. We ate at our favorite sushi place, Miya. Jude enjoyed the spicy tuna, just like his dad, and then curled up for a good nap. He woke up before it was time to go though and started screaming up a storm in the restaurant. Uncle Jim to the rescue! He had a great time dancing around with Jude, and Jude loved it too!


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