Pampered Chef Fundraiser

Sarah here again!

First, a brief update on Kevin and Rachel.  Kevin has continued to experience symptoms and side effects that may or may not indicate that, in some ways, he is getting worse and in others,  better.  He continues to be very tired with minimal stamina, but ‘holding steady’ as it were.  Kevin has taken leave from work for a few weeks to primarily rest and recover as well as to visit with family and go to doctor appointments.  We hope you will join us to continue to pray for Kevin and Rachel.

Secondly, THANK YOU all so very much for supporting our brother Josh Marinacci and his WebOS fundraiser!  With your help Josh was able to make a really BIG dent in the “Bridge the Gap” campaign and we just can’t thank you all enough!

Finally, we are grateful for Elise Hamel who is hosting a Pampered Chef Fundraiser for the month of October!  Pampered Chef has everything item and gadget you could ever want for the kitchen, and lots others for the home.  We hope you’ll peruse the products offered and make a purchase to support the Hill Family!


Here’s how it works:

  • 10% of sales  made during the month of October will donated to the Hill Family if the total purchased during this fundraiser is less than $600.
  • 15% of sales  made during the month of October will donated to the Hill Family if the total purchased during this fundraiser is $600 or more.
  • Elise will contribute 100% of her commission which means up to 30% of sales will be given to the Hills.
  • An additional $3 will be contributed for every future Show booking from the fundraiser. This could be for anyone who wants to host a catalog/online show anywhere around the country.
  • $1 of every purchase of a “Help Whip Cancer” limited edition product is donated to the American Cancer Society (this does not deduct from the % given directly to the Hills)

To order, follow these steps:

  1. Visit and click on “shop online”
  2. Enter “Hill Family Fighters” or the name “Rachel Hill” in the Host/Organization Name
  3. Click “search for host” (if you just click on “place an order” your order will not be counted towards the fundraiser)
  4. Select “Hill Family Fighters” and you will be taken to the store.
  5. After you have selected your items, you can proceed to check out.
    * NOTE: ALL customers must select direct shipping.

Also, if you have a purchase of $75 or more, you can select one of this month’s guest specials (in it’s own category on the left hand menu of products) for free.

If you want to order but aren’t comfortable placing an order online or have problems ordering or questions on products, let us know and we can put you in contact with Elise directly and she can take your order over the phone.

One thought on “Pampered Chef Fundraiser

  1. I just happened upon your site. My heart goes out to you guys and I am praying for continually renewed strength. I actually needed some pampered chef products, so that worked out perfectly. Prayers from California!

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