Prayer and Petition

Sarah here.

Rachel and Kevin have noticed over the past few days, but today especially, that things are changing and that Kevin is getting worse faster than expected. As a result, Rachel called UCLA, left some messages, wrote some emails, changed Kevin’s flight and he is off to LA tomorrow morning.  Kevin is still able to do ‘regular’ stuff – like take the kids to fast food and the like, but they just don’t want to chance waiting until next Wednesday to start treatment. As of now, they do not know what day exactly he will be able to take his first dose, but know that it will be sooner rather than later.

For the moment, Rachel will stay in Atlanta, pack her and the kids up and fly to LA as originally planned on Tuesday of next week.

Please stop and take the time to pray now. Then please pray at your next meal for Kevin’s health to improve, and at your bedtime for Kevin’s peace of mind and his comfort. Then, when you wake, for Kevin’s family, then pray again for healing… you get the idea. Please pray, as often as you think to, for as long as you can. Please ask you friends, family and community to pray too.

Let’s lift this man up in prayer so that he can feel it. Let’s knock so hard on heaven’s doors that we can not be ignored.

5 thoughts on “Prayer and Petition

  1. I will do just that exactly as you have suggested, pray for Kevin.
    I cannot tell you why, but at one point during this journey I felt that this is close to the end. And few weeks later (even things got worse, not better) something came to my hard and I feel so strongly that Kevin will stay in this world and will recover (I have never met him, but one-day I think I will.)
    God’s does miracles, and we all will witness it and that is what I will pray for every day.

  2. Lord, please hear our prayers for Kevin and his family. Be with them as Kevin goes through his treatments and with his family as they await his healing. You are the Great Physician, and You work miracles. Please let Kevin be your next miracle. Amen

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