Scans today. A chapter ends. A chapter begins.

RSH 4640

Okay, so I’ve been in the midst of portrait party editing and tending to my little chicks and it’s all been a wonderful blessing to keep me busy in the days leading up to today, but now here it is upon us.  Kevin Hill has scans today, at 4:15 and 5:30 to determine if the Anti-PD1 treatment he’s been on at UCLA has been working enough for him to continue treatment.  The current chapter of our life comes to an end this afternoon and what awaits is still yet to be known.  As our family verse reminds us, [We] watch in hope for the LORD, [we] wait for God [our] Savior; [Our] God will hear [us]… Micah 7:7.  Now, we watch and we wait.


3 thoughts on “Scans today. A chapter ends. A chapter begins.

  1. I have numerous people praying for you and Kevin including myself – all day long.
    May His spirit guide you.
    With love,

  2. Rachel,
    I have not stopped reading your article and waiting for the scan result.
    Every time I hear someone complain I think about the hard ace that your family had experienced and still stayed hopeful.
    Your trust in God will be rewarded.
    I started to be worried, since you have not posted the result yet.
    It is totally out of my character such as reading other people blogs, as a matter a fact I don’t read any blog other than yours and keep praying and hoping for a miracle.
    Miracle is totally possible with God.
    Never the less, whatever the news that you got is, don’t get discouraged and don’t give up.

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