Surprise Blessing

Hi folks, Kevin here:
I think we left off where I went into meet with my Interventional Radiology doc who had put in my first bile duck stent and drain.  He was going to put in a larger drain in order to stop the leaking.  At time,the first stent was put in, the word given to us was that it was impossible to put in a stent on my right side because there was ‘too much disease’ (their words) and so they went with the drain.  But God intervened this time.  Side Note: how many great amazing interventions of God have been described in writing as “But God?”.  Once Dr Lee “got in there” he decided he could put in another stent and so he just did.  Right then.  He coiled up the larger drain and taped over it just in case but I had no more drain!  And, by inference, this must mean that the Chemo did some good!  This was huge, that thing drove me crazy.  Having to have a bag attached to my leg 24/7 having to check on it and see if was filling up, having to drain it manually.  Having it leak because I didn’t get the cap all the way on, and Rachel having to struggle to get Bile out of sheets.  She’s got blood nailed, she can get blood out of anything but of course Bile is tougher.  All these things brought me down emotionally, so it was a huge lift to have it removed, and by surprise!  God gave us a lift for sure.

But now we are on “fever watch”.  We just discovered a fever last night (Monday).  Rachel called the IR doc and he advised re-connecting the drain and some Tylenol. and continuously watching.  And so, after some stupid momentary resistance on my part, we did.  We are hoping it is a blip, but if it continues or gets any higher we may need to go in again today.

And so it goes.  Thanks to everyone who follows our story, by reading, writing, contributing in MANY ways, praying, asking others to pray, and just plain loving us.

4 thoughts on “Surprise Blessing

  1. Woooohoooo, good news. I love reading your posts/ write ups/updates. GOD is good! & you guys are great examples of faith – thanks for making it real. Continued love & prayers going up for you all! Hugs too xxx

  2. It’s such a delight to hear from you, that I can’t take it anyway but positively. Yeah Love you wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. God is so good!! glad to hear some great news!! Both of you are great examples of God’s faith and love. Continued prayers for you, Happy Thanksgiving to your family.

  4. Kevin and Rachel,

    May you dind God’s greatness in each small mo ment. May you still awe his greatness and glimpse his joy in each quiet moment. May He continue to strengthen you for Great is His Faithfulness! No matter where this journey brings you, may you land at the feet of Jesus. May you bring a following with you for so greatvis your cloud of witnesses.

    Continuing to hold you up in prayer,
    Blessings tov you and yours,

    Aimee, Nathan, Alaina, & Bethany Woycenko

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