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Bnikyless baby

Our sweet little boy, finally asleep without that blooming pacifier in his mouth!  I don’t think he napped for longer than five minutes at a time yesterday because he kept dropping the pacifier, which then woke him up.  After lot’s of prayer and asking probably too many people’s opinions, we’ve decided to break Jude of the pacifier.  It was a big help to him in the beginning, when he really had a strong need to suck, and ate so fast that he didn’t really satisfy his sucking needs while he was eating.  But when we first gave it to him, he didn’t need the pacifier to fall asleep.  Now he cannot go down without it, and that’s fine and all, except it has been increasingly interrupting his daytime sleep.  He sucks away on it and the energy focus on that pacifier is keeping him from falling into a deep sleep for his naps.  Consequently, he’s cranky and tired because he’s not getting enough rest.  He doesn’t really need the pacifier very much when he’s awake now, so Kevin and I decided it was time.  It may seem a little early to many, but we believe this is the best choice for Jude.  And I was braced for three days of crying to try to break the habit.  But it was like he seemed to know, too.  Yesterday was the worst, and maybe he’s figured out that the pacifier has become his drug.  I keep telling him, “Crack is whack, baby!  You really don’t need it!”  So today for his morning nap, when I sensed he was getting cranky and tired, instead of giving him his drug of choice, I swaddled him up, calmed him down, and rocked him while reading a naptime story.  He dozed right off and is in such a deep sleep now, I can hardly believe it.  Baby, I’m so proud of you for giving up the crack!  You’re one day sober and counting!

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