The Daily Jude (With Special Guest Star Owen)

I’ve had a busy week this week preparing for the baby shower that Kevin and I are throwing for our friends Matt and Christina who are having identical twin boys! We are so excited for them, and it’s been a ton of fun getting things ready for the shower. I’m also looking forward to having a little more down time next week to get caught up and back to “normal” life. My sister and her family were in town last week, and this week was busy with the shower and I also had a horrendous cold at the beginning of the week, so I promise to catch everyone up with pictures and blog entries galore next week! But for now, I absolutely must share the most precious thing I have seen in a long time. I was at my other friend Christina’s house getting stuff ready for the shower, and as I was getting ready to go, I got Jude all strapped into his car seat and brought everything else out to the car. When I came back in, I walked in on this:


Owen and Jude

Seriously, can the whole internet just let out a collective, “Awwww!” How sweet is that? Owen couldn’t quite reach the table to look at Jude, but he was stroking his head ever so sweetly nonetheless. I brought him down off the table so Owen could “watch over him” for me while I put the rest of the stuff in the car. He just kept stroking his head and smiling at him, getting him to gurgle and coo back, while he gently drifted off to sleep. Just the absolute sweetest thing in the world!


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