Evie Status

With heavy hearts, Rachel and I came home from the hospital last night without Evie.  Our last report was that we could pick her up this morning, but not so fast.  As you veteran parents already know, if a baby has Jaundice, they want her Billirubin levels to come down before they will release her.  So they’re putting her on a “Billi Bed” for 24 hours, before they will release her.  We know that this is very common, and that she is doing very well, but still we were hoping for today.  Rachel will be delivering breastmilk to her throughtout the day today and hopefully we can bring her home tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone for their love and support! 

3 thoughts on “Evie Status

  1. Oh no! I’m praying that nothing else will come up to keep her from going home. It sounds like they are really taking good care of her. But it’s heart breaking that you can’t take your baby home after 9 months of carrying her and then giving birth only to come home with no bundle of joy. Let’s hope that tomorrow will be the day of celebration!!!

  2. Kelly had juandice too – and had to go back to hospital – as you said very common… Sounds like she is getting much love and good care and I hope she is home by tomorrow.Sending love from all of us~

  3. I belong to a “prayer group” which I find very helpful. I will include Evie in our prayers that she will be home soon with her family especially her “older” brother. Love to all, Irene

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