Jude’s Wishlist

In light of the success of Cyber Monday this year (or maybe just because we can!), Rachel and I thought it was time to set Jude up with his very own online wishlist. But this is not just any online wishlist, this is a “universal” wishlist, which means even though it is setup through amazon.com, we (errr… uh, Jude) can add stuff from ANY online store, not just Amazon!

Our webpage now shows one randomly selected item from Jude’s wishlist in the 1st right-hand sidebar.  If you are seeing this update via RSS or via Email, you’ll need to click on our blog title “stuff and things…” in your RSS or Email program to go to our webpage to see it.   Once on the webpage you can either click on the picture of the item shown, which will take you to the listing for that item, or click on the “show all … items” link to see the entire wishlist.

Jude thanks you in advance for  your generosity.   😉

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