Here’s the latest. and no I’m not converting to Judaism.

Here’s the update if you can’t see the video.
Ultrousound did not find any obstructions, but a special liver MRI was done also
That Liver MRI DID show a bile duckt blockage which is treatble. The plan for now
is to continue with the chemo to try to reduce the tumor without having to install a stesnt.

10 thoughts on “Update

  1. YAAYYY!! We LOVE good news 🙂 I have LOADS of people praying for you….stay strong! Just dropped my little note in the Sun Valley mailbox 🙂

  2. Prayers and hugs from Savannah, GA. Every day you remain with us is a win! Stay tough. There are lots of folks you’ve never even met rooting for you!!! Keep the updates coming and hold tight to each other.

  3. That is great news! We don’t know you but our God has lead us to you to pray for and support you from out here in Los Angeles, CA. You have our prayers day and night. Gino & Heather

  4. Love to all of you from your friends at Mustard Seeds! We are all praying for your family and are blessed to know you!

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