Two more days to go (we hope!)

We are at t-minus 2 days and counting for little Jude day. I’ve been having contractions since early Thursday morning, but nothing substantial enough to get checked into the hospital (though we thought they might be and headed over Thursday night. They sent us home.) Anyway, I was doing okay with the waiting, until when all of a sudden I was having contractions which got me hopeful that all this would be over sooner than later. I’ve heard so many stories of first time moms being two weeks late or so. Yeesh, two and a half more weeks to go! Let’s get a move on here! Anyway, Kevin’s been awesome, staying close by me so we’ll be ready to go whenever we are finally ready. We’ve got the car seat installed and inspected by CHP. We’ve got the bag packed and loaded in the car. We’ve got the camcorder and the camera with batteries charged. We’ve got directions to the hospital saved in Kevin’s google maps on his phone! We are READY to GO!